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“Budapest is the Paris of Central Europe with Roman and Turkish influences. It’s your ideal travel destination for cultural discovery, leisure and relaxation.”

In 1526, the Turks invaded the region of Hungary and won against the Roman empire. This was the beginning of the Turkish influence on the culture and traditions in Budapest that lasted for over 150 years. Many fragments of the Ottoman history are hidden across Budapest. From thermal baths to luxurious coffee houses, these are the hidden gems that we’ll uncover together on our private tours in Budapest.

While I was born and raised in Budapest, I have lived and loved the Turkish culture for many years. I personally specialize in city tours that highlight the history, lifestyle, and culture through the lens of a Turkish guest. I stay away from the tourist hubs and discover places known by locals that have a story to tell. Unlike typical group tours, you will experience the journey with a friend that goes with you on a journey to see, taste and experience the Turkish influences in Budapest.

Discover the historical & beautiful places in Budapest

Ottomans @ Buda Castle

Suleiman the Magnificent led the Siege of Buda, introducing the Ottoman rule over Hungary. Many remains and scriptures can be found in and around the area of the Budapest castle. When you walk up there, then you will enjoy a beatiful view across the entire city.

Thermal baths

Budapest has around 120 thermal sources around the city. The Turks introduced the culture of thermal baths and used the water for its healing properties. There are 4 Turkish baths, i.e. Rudas, The Krialy, The Veli Bej Spa and The Racs Bath. They all date back to the 16th century and are mostly indoors.

Hungarian/Turkish Coffee culture

Coffee is one of the specialties that the Turks introduced in Budapest. This is how hundreds of coffee houses came to live, attracting the elite as well as writers, artists, and actors. The special ones include Művész Kávéház, Gerbeaud and Callas Café. They all have their unique style, decor and architecture.

Cruise on the Danube

Budapest is the result of two cities that merged in 1873. Buda which can be recognized by the hills and the castle, and Pest, which is flat and has the city vibe. Both are separated by the Danube and many bridges. A cruise on the Danube gives you a romantic scenery of both sides, where you can see many of the breathtaking places like the castle, the parliament, the bastion and much more.

The triangle of Budapest, Vienna and Prague

Hungary was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire between 1867 and 1918. That’s why you will find many similarities between Vienna, Prague and Budapest. Each of the cities is less than 2 hours away from each other which is why a short visit would be a wonderful extension of your holiday.

Coming with your team or company? Or with a group of family & friends?

Budapest has many different cuisines, bars, cafes and venues where you can relax and socialize with friends, colleagues or family. It’s becoming a popular destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties because of the affordable prices and unique experiences. More and more companies are choosing Budapest as well to host their retreats, meetings or holidays. I have already helped many groups with their travel arrangements, from booking buses, boats, hotels to hosting and organizing parties and conferences. Many of them have said that Budapest has been their best destination so far!

Combine your city tour with a culinary trip and luxury shopping

Budapest is famous for its vibrant design scene, vintage stores, ruin bars and authentic flea markets. But that’s not all. The city is also known for its fancy avenues and shopping streets where you can buy fancy gifts, taste the best wines or indulge in sweets...



You can choose from one of my ready-made tours, or decide to have your own personal tour made. When it comes to my ready-made tours, you can choose from tours within Budapest, outside Budapest or outside Hungary. Within each one of them, there is the choice to go for a tour which takes half a day, a full day or just the evening. Each of them has its own program and special character.


Sightseeing Classic


Boat tour + Ruin pubs

half day < > night time

Folklore night

half day < > night time

Tour + Szechenyi Bath


Classical gala concert

half day < > night time

Basilica concert

half day < > night time

Folklore concert

half day < > night time

Hungarian ballet show

half day < > night time


Esztergom, Visegrad, ...


Eger & wine tasting

FULL day < > day time

Balaton lake & beaches

full day < > day time

Bratislava - Vienna

full day < > day time

Shopping in Vienna

full day < > day time

Your custom tour

full day < > day time


What guests say about my tours

Veronika has been my favorite guide so far! The most important thing I care about when I visit a country is the guide, the person who hosts me, and introduces me to the location I visit. I loved her hospitality, warm character and all the attention she gave to me and my group.

Murat Şahin Hazar

General Coordinator

Veronika was our guide in Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava. She was a friendly, cheerful and wonderful guide and speaks Turkish very well. I definitely recommend her. When I contacted her months later she still helped me with the same helpful attitude. You will have great time with her on your side!

Dilara Ekşi


“We had the pleasure of having Veronika as our guide during our 15-day European tour in Budapest and Vienna. Her style and work were absolutely great. All our guests admired her and enjoyed her stories, experience all the tips she gave along the way! We’ll work with Veronika on our next trip again!”

Gültekin Yaman


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