My real estate services. I help you rent, buy or renovate a  property in Budapest.

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“With the increasing demand, you need to be smart and early when renting or buying an apartment in Budapest.”

Budapest’s property market is growing fast. This makes it sometimes difficult to rent or buy a property because the available places are quickly taken. When you need a place to stay for you or your family, or you need an office for your company, then you need to prepare early.

This also makes it a lucrative investment opportunity. This is in part to a strong euro against a weak forint, growing tourism and an increasing flow of foreign investments. That’s why the properties in Budapest provide a good investment return. So much so, that the prices in Budapest saw the largest increase in recent years among all the countries of the European Union!

Budapest’s architecture has been influenced by many periods, empires and happenig during the time/history. Thanks to its rich history and cultural influences, you’ll find different architectural styles such as Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque influences.

If you’re planning a long-term stay in Budapest then it makes a lot of sense to rent or buy a flat, appartment or a house. Doing so as a company is often a benefit while the process for non-EU citizens takes a number of steps and requirements which I will be happy to help you with!

Want to explore properties in Budapest?

I will help you find the best place to rent or buy. I have a network of property agents and experts who will make sure you get the best value for money without hidden surprises!

Making my clients happy, one search at a time.

Define search criteria.

Identify the best city locations.

Meet with the property agents.

Perform property checks.

Translate property listings.

Create summary profile of properties.

Setup meetings to negotiate price.

Negotiate with property owners.

Obtain purchase/rent approvals.

Find, meet and arrange with lawyer.

Buy/rent as a person or company.

Arrange utility contracts (electricity,...).

Obtain residence permits.

Help move/transport furniture.

Ready to buy or rent an apartment in Budapest?

Once we found the place of your dreams, then I will help you prepare and arrange all legal contracts, documents and procedures to complete the process.

Making my clients happy, one contract at a time.

Want to save or make money on your property in Budapest?

I will help you look after your property when you are not in Budapest. Or when you are ready to sell, rent or renovate your place, we’ll make sure you get the best return on your investment.

Making my clients happy, one property at a time.

Find skilled workers for renovation.

Request municipality approvals.

Create online property listings.

Make your place Airbnb compliant.

Find trustworthy renters or buyers.

Translate tax and legal documents.

Support with sales or rent contracts.


What clients say about my work

“Veronika did a wonderful job hosting, translating and aligning business needs between our Hungarian and Turkish companies. She helped us become a commercially succesfull distributor.”

Gökhan Yüce

Business owner

“Veronika’s help goes beyond the limits of this testimonial. She is honest, meticulous, reliable and insightful. I would recommend her highly whenever you want to invest in or travel around Hungary.”

Ömer Kucuk


“Veronika helped us with the setup of our company, from negotiations to finding an office. She was by our side, even beyond working hours to make sure everything would be perfect!”

Hasan Baysal


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