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“Veronika is a warm, kind & intelligent tour guide who you can trust, listen to and have fun with all day long”.

You should definitely visit Hungary with Veronika! You are traveling through living memories and stories of the past. You will have an unforgettable time, one which you will remember with lovely memories. We thank her so much and hope to see her soon again :).

Hümeyra Çetinkaya

Veronika is the only guide you should consider when you want to visit Hungary for pleasure or work!

Ahmet Açıkgöz

We had such a wonderful tour in Budapest with Veronika. She is great at story telling and knows a lot about Budapest and Hungary. She made our city trip so much more fun!

Sevgül Aker

“A licensed tour guide who you can trust makes all the difference!”

“Sure, there are other tour guides in Budapest. But do you want to risk spending your time with someone who you can’t read about, isn’t licensed or is not clear with arrangements? If you want to be sure, then choose Veronika”.

Haldun Taşçıoğlu

“We are very thankful for Veronika. She is polite and charming. Her Turkish is very good! We had a wonderful holiday with her on our side!”

Ilker Ozcan

“Veronika is the right person if you want to learn more about Hungary, its history, economy, investment climate and so much more…”

Veronika was our guide in Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava. She was a friendly, cheerful and wonderful guide and speaks Turkish very well. I definitely recommend her. When I contacted her months later she still helped me with the same helpful attitude. You will have great time with her on your side!

Dilara Ekşi

Understanding our centuries-old common history with Hungary, remembering our traces there and listening to the beautiful things about our history from a Hungarian lady could only be so flawless. Veronika made our holiday in Budapest an unforgettable experience.

Furkan Tamer

Veronika showed us so much hospitality! She showed us around in Budapest with love and affection. She helped us when we were in trouble with our travel arrangements. Veronika is a very good person, and saved us from a great deal of trouble 😉😊.

Oguz aker

“We had the pleasure of having Veronika as our guide during our 15-day European tour in Budapest and Vienna. Her style and work were absolutely great. All our guests admired her and enjoyed her stories, experience all the tips she gave along the way! We’ll work with Veronika on our next trip again!”

Gültekin Yaman

Veronika has been my favorite guide so far! The most important thing I care about when I visit a country is the guide, the person who hosts me, and introduces me to the location I visit. I loved her hospitality, warm character and all the attention she gave to me and my group.

Murat Şahin Hazar

Without any doubt I would highly recommend Veronika as a tour guide! She is very knowledgeable, caring and charming. She was guiding us during our Central European tour with a group of 9 friends. We went together to Budapest and Prague, two cities she knew a lot about.  We are grateful for the lovely experience we had with her! 


I had a great trip together with my wife. Veronika was our tour guide in Budapest. She took us through the history of the city and told us so many interesting facts! She was charming and entertaining during our entire stay! I highly recommend her to everyone!

Hüseyin Güden

Throughout our tour, Veronika conquered all our hearts with her charming smile, endless energy and deep knowledge. I hope I will have the opportunity to see other beauties of the world with Veronika again. I’m endlessly thankful for her 🙏🏻💐💕 ! 

Elvan Öztürk

Happy guests that stayed for a long time

"Hungary, and Budapest in particular, is historically a religious topic to Turkey. Veronika was the perfect guide to share the history with us during ourone week tour in Budapest and Vienna. She has a kind and charming personality which is why I would recommend her as a tour guide!

Zeynep Sönmez

"We had a wonderful tour in Budapest & Prague in April 2018. Veronika was wonderful. She made us feel at home! Her sincerity and interest in us as people was amazing and unique. She broadend our horizon of cultural knowledge. We are grateful to have met her!"

Filiz Üstem

Business testimonials.

“Veronika did a wonderful job hosting, translating and aligning business needs between our Hungarian and Turkish companies. She helped us become a successful distributor.”

Gökhan Yüce

Business owner

“Veronika helped us with the setup of our company, from negotiations to finding an office. She was by our side, even beyond working hours to make sure everything would be perfect!”

Hasan Baysal