My translation services. I help translate in Turkish, Hungarian and English.

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“A good translator is more than a dictionary, she is someone who also interprets and translates subtle expressions & emotions.” 

When you come and visit Hungary, Budapest, and learn about its history, presence and future, it makes so much of a difference when it’s shared in your native language. It makes the experience a lot more colorful when you capture and understand the nuances and details of a story. The same goes for a conference, exhibition or business meeting that you want to organize or attend. Or sometimes when you just want to understand a Hungarian letter or e-mail.

I have helped many of my visitors with the interpretation and translation of different events and activities over the years.

English and Turkish are the two languages I specialize in, which means I can be your “listening ear” and “native voice” during your visit, helping you as a translator, translate documents or manage administrative tasks which needs a translator.

Need a Turkish, Hungarian or English Translator?

You can hire me as an interpreter or translator during your business travel in Hungary. I can be by your side and translate or lead conversations, making it easier for you to do you work between people that speak Hungarian, English and/or Turkish.

Making my clients happy, one translation at a time.

Host corporate business tours.

Speak at conferences.

Business point of contact.

Reach out to customers.

Find business suppliers.

Arrange meetings.

Be a translator during meetings.


Legal agreements.

Terms & conditions.

Service agreements.

Meeting minutes (notes).

License & permits.


Do you need to translate legal documents?

When you have to complete paper work in Hungary, then it will be difficult to find people that speak English and help you fill out forms, sign contracts or read agreements. I can tranlsate it for you in Turkish/Hungarian  and prevent you from making that will become costly.

Making my clients happy, one document at a time.

Looking for someone to handle your business administration?

When you need help in your company for a longer period of time, then I can assist with interim work where I can be your assistant and help with the daily management of work that requires Turkish, Hungarian and/or English interpretation and translation.

Making my clients happy, one meeting at a time.

Request information from city council.

Request utility contracts.

Arrange rental contracts.

Manage invoicing with accountant.

Align with (corporate) lawyer.

Manage workers in native language.

Phone / email support.


What clients say about my work

“Veronika did a wonderful job hosting, translating and aligning business needs between our Hungarian and Turkish companies. She helped us become a successful distributor.”

Gökhan Yüce

Business owner

“Veronika’s help goes beyond the limits of this testimonial. She is honest, meticulous, reliable and insightful. I would recommend her highly whenever you want to invest in or travel around Hungary.”

Ömer Kucuk


“Veronika helped us with the setup of our company, from negotiations to finding an office. She was by our side, even beyond working hours to make sure everything would be perfect!”

Hasan Baysal


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