The Hungarian Ottoman tour

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Description: The 150 years of Ottoman rulership is an important part of Hungarian history today. There are still a lot of artifacts from the Ottoman period in our country. That is why these preserved monuments play an important role in Hungary’s tourism.

 Surprisingly, 91% of Hungarians who participated in a research study in 2007, think that there are no Ottoman artifacts in Hungary. The few that did, mentioned the Turkish baths when they thought of an “Ottoman monument”. Pécs (with Zigetvar and Mohach) was mentioned as the most important Ottoman city, followed by Eger and then Budapest.

Our Zigetvar (Szigetvár) visit
The city we are going to is an important place for both Hungarians and Turks. Suleiman the Magnificent, who lived the during the period of the Ottomans, died in the war of Szigetvar in 1566. His son, II. Selim had his father built a tomb, and his remains were placed in a golden box. Unfortunately, this sanctuary was damaged and destroyed in future wars.
A few years ago, with the help and support of the Turkish government, a research group of Hungarian and Turkish experts and historians was established and traces of the tomb were found. Some places to we’ll visit include Kervansaray, Ali Pasha Mosque, Hungarian-Turkish Brotherhood park, and the Zrínyi monument.

Our Pécs visit
The Mediterranean climate of Pécs, its sparkling cultural life, exciting festivals, crowded cafes and two thousand years of history attract many people to the city. Pécs was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in December 2000, and was selected as the European Capital of Culture in 2010 together with Istanbul.
It is also the richest city of Turkish monuments in Hungary. Yakovali Hasan Pasha Mosque, preserved with its minaret, serves as a museum of Ottoman-Turkish handicrafts today and visitors can discover the traces and memories of the Ottoman era. Another special place of the city is located around the main square: it’s the largest Ottoman building in Hungary, i.e. the Kasim Pasa mosque.
Places we’ll visit include: Yakovali Hasan Pasa Mosque, Kasim Pasa Mosque, İdris Baba Mausoleum, Memi Pasa Bath, Almond crush museum, Underground World Heritage: old Christian tomb rooms, Locks etc.

Our Mohaç (Mohács) visit
Moháç’s Historical Memorial Park is a monument of the Battle of Mohach, permanently buried in the memory of the Hungarians, known as a painful, unique war for Hungary. The park is the last resting place of 1700 soldiers.
Places to see: Mohaç Historical Monument park, Heroes’ park, Town hall, Three girls statue, II. Lajos statue and monument.

Tour duration: full day

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