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“Hungary is the ideal market in Central Europe to start a business or consider foreign investments.”

Besides being a tour guide, I advise professionals, investors and families with business and investment questions or projects in Budapest and Hungary.

Hungary is situated in the heart of Europe, which makes it ideal for industries such as manufacturing, logistics and services. Seven countries border around my country which makes it a great location in Central Europe to plan cross-border business developments. Hungary is part of the European Union, which is why regulations and investment opportunities are in accordance with EU rules.

Your business will be part of the economic growth of Hungary which reached around 5% in 2019 and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Budapest is the driving force behind this growth, representing around 39% of the national income. This why my clients often choose this city to register their company.

While the language and the paper work might be tricky, you will go through one of the quickest and least complicated company setup procedures in Europe. It takes less than 5 days and with me on your side I can introduce you to best lawyers, accountants and experts!

Thinking of starting a new business in Budapest?

While Hungary is business friendly towards foreigners, I have learned that there are best practices and tips to start a new business which will save you time, money and worries later on!

Making my clients happy, one business at a time.

Feasibility study of requirements.

Industry and market research.

Request legal documents.

Research applicable laws.

Identify the best company type.

Arrange and translate paperwork.

Set-up advisory meetings.

Align with a corporate lawyer.

Hire a business accountant.

Set-up business and postal address.

Register your company.

Follow-up on legal procedures.

Consult local municipality.

Help with invoicing and administration.

Ready to start your new business?

In my experience, having the right people in your team will take many of your worries away. The wrong lawyer, account and/or assistent will result in wrong invoices, a lot of re-work and possible tax fines! 

Making my clients happy, one project at a time.

Need help with operations or administration?

Maybe you are running your Hungarian business from abroad, or you don’t have the time to manage from closeby? No worries, I’ll be your right-hand and help with the daily operations.

Making my clients happy, one meeting at a time.

Find and rent an office.

Open a bank account.

Schedule meetings.

Check on the accountant.

Find and contact suppliers.

Help with customers.

Translate legal documents.


What clients say about my work

“Veronika did a wonderful job hosting, translating and aligning business needs between our Hungarian and Turkish companies. She helped us become a commercially succesfull distributor.”

Gökhan Yüce

Business owner

“Veronika’s help goes beyond the limits of this testimonial. She is honest, meticulous, reliable and insightful. I would recommend her highly whenever you want to invest in or travel around Hungary.”

Ömer Kucuk


“Veronika helped us with the setup of our company, from negotiations to finding an office. She was by our side, even beyond working hours to make sure everything would be perfect!”

Hasan Baysal


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