How do you get to and from Budapest’s city center?

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What you need to know

The cheap option is the bus (100E Airport Bus). The comfortable choice is taxi (Főtaxi or Bolt).

One bus ticket is 950 HUF (+/- 3EUR). A taxi to the city center is +/- 7000 HUF (21 EUR).

The bus leaves every 15 minutes and takes you 30 - 40 min. to get to the city center.

Főtaxi is the official taxi partner at the airport. Bolt or City Taxi are good options as well.

Licensed taxi fares in Budapest: base fare is 700 HUF + distance- based fare is 300 HUF /km.

On average, it's quicker to get to the city center by bus than by taxi. And it's cheaper as well!

There are 3 stops in the city center: Kálvin tér– Astoria – Deák Ferenc tér.

If you prefer taxis, then definitely BOLT. You can download their app in the app store. The prices are the same with Főtaxi, but overall a better experience (easy & quick) and you will be able to track the fee easily while you are tracking your journey live. You can pay by cash or card!

Top choice (bus)

Best tips & tricks

If you call a taxi, then be sure to specify the exact drop-off or pick-up point at the airport (Terminal 2A or 2B).

Make sure the driver starts the taximeter! (licensed taxis are required to do so by law, but double check to be sure!)

If you request a taxi via an app, then remember the car’s number plate to find your driver easily.

If you choose 100E Airport bus, be sure you have Forints with you (900 HUF/ ticket). You can buy a ticket at the info desk in the airport from the bus driver. You can also buy a ticket from the ticket terminal outside (near the bus). Euros are not accepted!

Do NOT get into a taxi which does not have the yellow color. They are not licensed!

Do NOT take the 200E bus. This won't take you to the city center.

Do NOT exchange money to pay for your taxi or bus (the exchange rate is not good at the airport). It's best to pay buy by card in the taxi or at the ticket terminal.

What NOT to do



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