Budapest airport: tips, directions and useful information that will save you time!

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What you need to know

2 flights from Istanbul to Budapest: Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines

Arrival from Istanbul: Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport 2. Terminal B

Departure to Istanbul: Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport 2. Terminal A (!)

More flight information:

Time difference: in Summer -1 hour, in Winter -2 hours

Easiest to book with a mobile app: Bolt (you can see live where the Taxi is and when it will arrive)

Taxi company with the largest fleet: FŐTAXI ( +36 222 2 222

Best transfer from and to Budapest airport:

Original transport in the city: Tuk Tuk Budapest sightseeing (06 70 257 3020)

Top choice (taxi)

Best tips & tricks

Before you leave the airport: pick-up a free map at the Info Desk. They are also helpful with answering questions.

Looking for a cheap shop to buy a quick snack or bottle of water? There is a SPAR on the ground floor.

Quickest bus to the city center: AirportBus 100 E (950 HUF). The 200E is slower and has many stops.

When taking a taxi: ask for their fixed price to the city center. You will pay +/- 8045 HUF (26€) for +/- 35 minutes.

Time difference: in Summer -1 hour, in Winter -2 hours

Do NOT exchange money at the airport! Or if you need to, exchange only 10-15 euro for the airport bus, no more. The exchange rate is bad and has a high hidded fixed cost.

Do NOT leave your baggage alone! If not stolen, they will take it away for security reasons.

Watch out for thieves when you have lunch or wait at the airport. It happens, so take care of your belongings!

Do NOT use a “Freelancer” taxi. These are unofficial and expensive. “Taxi” table/label is NOT enough, it has to be a name/brand, like Főtaxi, City Taxi, Bolt etc...

What NOT to do



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